Dorothy Freudenberg

Using a visual language to create lyrical digital photography

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Dorothy Freudenberg

I am a digital alchemist, transforming the visual elements of texture, shape, pattern, and color into new forms of imagery that even I cannot imagine beforehand.

As a photographer and digital artist, my process consists of gathering images from around the world around me. My visual language consists of not things, but bits and pieces of texture, color, and shape from sources that are in plain sight but mostly overlooked. I find entire worlds in everything from the delicate striations of poppy petals to the brutal gorges on the sides of metal shipping containers. I juxtapose layers of patterns and shapes to create new combinations as I explore the potential of re-creation.

dorothy Freudenberg

Dorothy exploring for visual poetry in Bend Oregon’s Pioneer Park.

My digital collages are honed and polished over time, informed by the experiences of my life until layers become seamlessly fused. My goal is to provoke and stimulate the imagination of the viewer through the transformation of visual elements into a tapestry of beauty, discovery, and compassion. Each day new possibilities emerge as I work and I am grateful to have this exciting new medium and language to express my vision.

In my wildest dreams, I could not have previously known the new and surprising avenues into which I would be lead using this new medium.”

In the mornings I am fortunate to be able to walk along the river, here in Bend, Oregon. This is my experience on any given morning. The Chopin Nocturne in the background has been previously recorded by me. This regular outdoor inspiration also fuels the rest of my art —Dorothy Freudenberg