Dorothy Freudenberg

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Dorothy Freudenberg

Dorothy Freudenberg is a photographer who has augmented traditional photography by embracing new digital technologies, producing works that are in a sense, multi-media. By combining photography with the vast capabilities of a digital darkroom, working in programs that allow her to build multi-layered pieces, she transforms what were realistic photography renditions into expressions of internal emotional conditions or fanciful landscapes with brilliantly-colored, painterly qualities. Years of study in black and white photography have expanded into a new art form, one with an astonishing range of tools that leave room for an unlimited range of possibilities, challenging her to continually engage in experimenting and expanding her expressive capabilities.

“I grew up in the Midwest. When I set out for college, I intended to study art and literature, but four years later, I graduated with a degree in Piano.

A few years would pass before I was inexorably drawn back to the graphic arts, as I was lured into a darkroom. I never came out! Several years of black and white photography followed, but it was with the advances in digital technologies that I gradually began to realize the scale of amazing possibilities that would become possible in the change to a digital darkroom. In my wildest dreams, I could not have previously known the new and surprising avenues into which I would be lead using this new medium.”

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