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David Kinker—new river paintings!
Hydro Logic opens Friday, October 2, from 4-7pm and continues through the month.



September 2020 Show I Dee McBrien-Lee

August 2020 Show I Nancy Becker

July 2020 Show I Katherine Taylor

June 2020 Show I Danae Bennett-Miller

 May 2020 Show I Shelli Walters

 April 2020 Show I Tracy Leagjeld & Susan Luckey Higdon



Tumalo Art Co., is a fine art gallery in the Old Mill District in Bend, Oregon, owned and operated by artists, is committed to bringing the best of Northwest art to its patrons. Classic to contemporary with a twist, we showcase a variety of fine art in a diverse array of mediums—oil, acrylic, mixed media, digital media, ceramics, glass, sculpture and photography. The gallery also offers limited edition fine art prints and a beautiful selection of jewelry.

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Click on any of the photos below to go directly to the artists page and see details of their current art.

Find Helen Brown's images on her web page

Helen Brown’s wall at Tumalo Art Co. has many different options of subject and size, all in her distinctive and award-winning watercolor color batik process. Check out her webpage by clicking the photo above.


Find Adell Shetterly's images on web site

Adell Shetterly is a printmaker and her wall at Tumalo Art Co. shows a beautiful selection of her images. Click the photo and go to her page to see them and get details. A Tom Willing natural edge wooden bowl sits on the pedestal.


Find Dee McBrien-Lee paintings on this website

Dee McBrien-Lee’s acrylic paintings are both abstracts and expressionistic, and bring to mind the natural world and figures. See these paintings and more by clicking on the photo above to go to her webpage.

Click on this photo of Katherine Taylor's wall to see her webpage

This is Katherine Taylor’s wall at Tumalo Art Co. covered in her luminous oil paintings. She paints landscapes, figures and still life. See details on her webpage by clicking the image above.


Alisa Huntley's wall of fine art at Tumalo Art Co.

On Alisa Huntley’s wall at Tumalo Art Co. are several 12 x 12 oil paintings on copper or Aluminum and two large paintings on canvas. Her barn owls on copper are worth a closer look. Let us know if you would like to see the art by emailing us at art@tumaloartco.com

The art on Shelli Walters wall at Tumalo Art Co. can be seen on her webpage

Shelli Walters mixed media paintings on her wall at Tumalo Art Co. can be seen on her webpage by clicking the photo. Also shown to the right at Pamela Kroll, Janice Druian, and Langford Barksdales paintings. On the pedestals are ceramics by Patrick Horsley and Linda Heisserman.

Bruce Jackson's fine art photographs at Tumalo Art Co.

Bruce Jackson’s wall at Tumalo Art Co. sports his fine art photographs shot with film. To see a full portfolio of his limited edition prints click the photo above.


Dorothy Freudenberg's digital media photographs on her wall at Tumalo Art Co.

Dorothy Freudenberg’s digital media photographs on her wall at Tumalo Art Co. Dorothy literally “paints” digitally and can print her images on fine art paper or metal. To see more of her images click on the above photo.

Sarah B Hansen has a variety of work on her wall at Tumalo Art Co.

Painting in watercolor and mixed Media Sarah B Hansen creates images with texture, color and hidden handwritten poetry. She also has a new Wildland Bird Series, of all 8 x 8 birds that she has seen in her hikes and travels. See more of Sarah’s paintings by clicking the photo.


Annie Ferder's wall of watercolors at Tumalo Art Co.

Annie Ferder has a love affair with flowers and plants—her watercolors are detailed and lustrous. Also shown is Linda Heisserman’s hand-carved ceramic vase and Nancy Becker’s highly technical Large Red Poppy hand-blown glass platter.

David Kinker's wall of paintings and his hand-made custom frames

David Kinker’s wall of vibrant acrylics of rivers and landscapes, all framed with his custom made frames are available now. Click on the photo to see more details.


Danae Bennett-Miller makes sculpture and does printmaking

Danae Bennett-Miller is recognized widely for her one-of-a-kind bronze and glass sculptures and also is a fantastic printmaker. Lately she has been collaging her prints under layers and layers of resin, which she also marks and paints. These pieces are both room focal points and small treasures. See details by clicking the photos here.

Small art by Danae Bennett-Miller

These small resin-coated prints are on Danae Bennett-Miller’s wall at Tumalo Art Co. along with a bronze buffalo.