Grace Gasior

Grace Gasior’s sterling silver rings and pendant necklaces combine gently southwestern design with a modern sensibility conveying a quiet strength that connects body and mind. She considers her works pieces that become personal totems for the wearer. Finely crafted in sterling silver, she sets the pieces with turquoise, opals, and other semi-precious stones, or lets the metal shapes tell the story simply.

Grace studied the art of jewelry fabrication in San Francisco at the Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts. And, while working as a teacher’s assistant, she also taught jewelry fabrication to middle school students at their after-school programs. In 2016 she moved back to Central Oregon, set up her studio, and began practicing and teaching her craft.  Her company, Ashes To Apples, was officially established in 2020 has been going strong ever sense.

Enjoying everything our high desert has to offer, Grace is busy selling her jewelry at various shows around the region and creates from her studio.