Susan Luckey Higdon

Interpreting nature's beauty with color. Landscapes of the water, land and sky.

artist susan luckey higdon

“Water, fish, birds, rocks, mountains…these are the subjects that surround my life and invest my art. Working in soft pastel and acrylic paint, expressionistic color and unique perspective are the basis for my paintings. My newest series “Natural Abstractions” gets up close and personal with the chaos of pattern all around us…the shapes and forms that spell-out the mystery of nature.

As a native Oregonian it is my greatest joy to describe and interpret the beauty of the landscape. Painting wildlife art—native fish swimming in their habitats or birds glinting in the sun, comes from a desire to show the connection with our environment that is so vital to the essence of our lives and to inspire a greater sense of stewardship for the land.

Over 20 years ago painting became my creative outlet from a demanding career as an art director and mother of two toddlers. It was clear to me that if I didn’t begin my own path of expression soon, I would never begin. I chose soft pastels as my medium because they were quick to get out and put away. This choice based on practicality proved to be a good creative choice as well. The vibrancy, adaptability, and immediacy found in soft pastels fit perfectly my desire to work quickly and intuitively and to throw color around for the joy of it.

I approach a new painting by finding the hidden colors that weave through the subject. These unexpected hues give the painting rich depth and draw the viewer in to look for more. Strong, sometimes surprising, composition is the cornerstone of my work honed by a lifetime as a graphic designer.

My soft pastel paintings have been selected for the prestigious Pastel 100 and juried into shows by such iconic artist/jurors as Wolf Kahn. Giclée’s from my “underwater world” series featuring native trout can be seen nationwide in McCormick & Schmick Seafood Restaurants and paintings are in numerous corporate and personal collections.

Homeland Images, my card and print line, has produced over 30 cards, four open edition prints and one limited edition print.

I have a large selection of Limited Edition Fine Art giclee’s available on my website. These can be scaled proportionately and printed on canvas or paper giving lots of design options.

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2012 show “Natura”—see slideshow