David Kinker

"Hydro Logic"—New paintings of rivers, October 2020

David Kinker, acrylic, "Craving Clarity"

Craving Clarity, Smith River, 16 x 40—details
“The Smith River, early morning fog was lifting off the river as we arrived. We chased the fog down the river but never caught it.”—DK

David Kinker paints Haigler's Creek

Haigler Creek, 12 x 16, acrylic—details

David Kinker paints plein-air on a wild river

David Kinker paints plein-air on a rafting trip.



David Kinker paints from his journeys on rivers throughout Oregon and the world. Rafting and kayaking wild waters brings him to hidden places only seen from the water and inspires him to capture the essence of these rare places. “Hydro Logic”, opening Friday, October 2, from 4-7pm, brings together new images from David’s recent trips to many of his favorite rivers.

David Kinker Grand Canyon grotto

Grotto, Colorado River, 48 x 30—details
“Most of the best places in the Grand Canyon can only be found from the bottom up. Enjoying the moment in this grotto, the sound of frogs and a reflecting at a cool pool.”—DK



David Kinker paints wild rivers

Run-off, Metolius River, 16 x 20, acrylic—details


Painting plein-air on long river floats deep into scenic areas, David then goes to his studio and paints many of the images on larger canvases. He teaches art and creates murals as well, and just finished a two-story, multi-wall, wrap-around scene of Central Oregon’s Cascade mountains in a private home. Working with unique exotic woods, David makes his own custom frames, giving his art an extra dimension of creativity.

A large painting of the river by David Kinker

Precipitation, Deschutes River, 48 x 60—details


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David Kinker is a landscape painter, muralist and teacher. He brings to Tumalo Art Co. a long history in the arts community in Central Oregon. His murals can be seen at Tower Theatre, St. Charles Health Center and more. Besides doing art he is an avid outdoorsman, guiding on a number of north west rivers, kayaking and hiking. He has been perfecting the art of building his own frames using choice hard woods, resourced whereever possible. Recently he was able to repurpose wood from a 100 year-old loom.

With a Bachelor of Arts in visual communication with an emphasis in Illustration, David also studies art history, architecture, world myth and the sciences. His academic background blends with his diverse world experiences such as ranching in the Wyoming Rockies, to living in the colorful influences of the southwest. In addition, his four years as a naval air crewman traveling the world gives him an awareness and consideration of a larger picture that truly enhances the success of his artistic style.

Winning a national award for his art at an early age, David continues to demonstrate his diverse talents. He regularly shows in regional galleries and businesses. His true passion is working as a freelance artist on commissioned murals and illustrations.

David finds great enjoyment in engaging clients through the design process putting their needs, ideas, thoughts and his visual painting expertise together into the creation of visual solutions. He supports his community by creating murals in nursing homes, childcare centers and social services buildings. He also works with numerous non-profit organizations producing decorative signage and illustration, and donates fine art to environmental and social concerns.

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