Susie Zeitner

Creating sculptural art using fused glass, metal and found objects is Susie Zeitner’s passion. From her spacious studio, which she built on an acre of land in an industrial area in Sisters, Oregon, she makes totems, glass art with distinctive figurative native Americans and smaller art glass pieces.

Susie Zeitner began her career as a graphic designer and illustrator in Eugene, Oregon. Her career spans Spanning 37 years, she as a graphic designer and commercial photo director and 15 years as an art glass interior design specialist. She founded her business creating one-of-a-kind residential and commercial glass lighting fixtures, Z Glass Art, in 1998. Her clients included commercial developers, interior designers, large hotels, as well as private commissions and national hospitality and restaurant projects.

Tumalo Art Co. is thrilled to be able to show and help find permanent homes for Susie’s distinctive totems.  Most stand around 6’ tall and are made of found object steel, fused glass, stone, glass mosaic and any other natural materials that come to hand. If purchased locally, Susie will deliver and help with placement. She has also shipped nationally.