Judy Hoiness

“After many years of painting with watercolor or acrylic, I am currently working in a variety of mixed media on paper and cloth.

Abstraction and hints of recognizable objects plus an obscure message about environmental issues are the drive behind my work. My art is based on experiences, feelings and a desire to create.

How do I approach my paintings? I use the media energetically and impulsively in the beginning working purely intuitively. As things begin to take shape I slow down in application of the media and work at developing the design and shapes that are dictated to me by the work.”

Judy has lived and worked in Bend, Oregon for over 43 years. Often described as abstract landscapes her work incorporates calligraphic marks, collage and mixed media.

Highlights of Judy’s many years of creating art include being selected by the Oregon Arts Commission for the Governor’s Ceremonial Office for a one-person exhibition at the State Capitol in Salem, Oregon; being honored with many commissions both public and private; her involvement in two and three person and group shows nationally and regionally.