Shelli Walters

Shelli Walters is inspired by life and nature but also by individuals with a unique, independent spirit and the courage to live life on their own terms. Having a way to honor those inspirations is what makes her tick. It is Shelli’s intention to express freedom, joy and empowerment in her work.
“I enjoy the playful interaction and surprise that occurs by alternating layers of collage and acrylic paint. Having been a graphic designer for 20+ years I find it cathartic tearing up discarded graphic materials and giving them new life in my paintings. I am drawn to bold color as a way to convey the urgency and power of living life in the moment.” Layers upon layers of paint and collage add depth and texture – inviting the viewer to look closer, as in life, there is always so much more to be seen and experienced if we will just take a moment to observe and connect.

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