Shelli Walters

Nature inspired mixed media paintings and paper mache sculpture

Owl Tree, details

O P E N S  F I R S T  F R I D A Y,  M A Y  7

Our May show features a new collection of mixed media paintings and paper mache sculpture from Shelli Walters. Shelli’s vibrant and textural work emerges from her love for the Earth and wild creatures. With a focus on Central Oregon landscape and birds, Earth + Feather explores the bold and delicate differences found in Nature. “Nature is irresistibly rich in texture, color and shape. So many differences, yet everything plays together so beautifully. I think that’s what makes it so appealing and alive. I love exploring this in my work, trying to express some of that energy and magic. I want to feel a story emerge. To hear the voices of Nature coming through. Engaging in this way makes me feel alive and connected.”



Pause To Listen, details


Shelli’s mixed media work is composed from layers upon layers of thoughts, stories, experiences, moods — shifting one over the other — sometimes revealing a hint of what is underneath, inviting you to look closer and discover your own story.  “I love the playful energy and interaction, the magic that happens on the canvas when layering paint, torn paper, thread, and whatever else finds its way into the melee.”


Gentle Stir, details

Tango, details

Twiggs, details


 Shelli’s playful paper mache sculptures are like three dimensional versions of her paintings and include found objects such as wire, fabric and twigs. “I love interesting tangles of wire, old frayed denim jeans and jumbles of colored thread. I have a tendency to collect these little treasures. It’s a kick to see them find their perfect places in my sculptures.”



Earth + Feather, details

Quieting, details


“I go gentle as a feather. Allowing Nature to seep in and work her powerful magic. I feel my feet rooted in Earth while birds fly away with my imagination – sparking wonder, clarity and creativity.” 



Becoming Sky, details

New Feather, details

I’ve Got You, details

Sriracha Sauce, details

Surfacing, details

Ladder Horse, details



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