Shelli Walters

Plenty | mixed media on 40×16 canvas

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Shelli Walters, mixed media  Shelli is a life-long Oregonian who grew up in Bend. She enjoys spending time exploring the great outdoors hiking with her Malamute or paddling her kayak. Shelli pours her love for nature into her colorful and delightfully textured mixed media paintings. “Spending time with Mother Nature renews my energy, clears my perspective and nurtures my soul. I want to share this magical experience in my paintings.” Shelli is drawn to color as a way to express the power of living life in the moment. Layers upon layers of paint and collage add depth and texture – inviting the viewer to look closer, as in life, there is always so much more to be seen and experienced if we will just take a moment to observe and connect.

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