Our Conversation Drifted — Dorothy Freudenberg


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18 x 36" unframed. 24 x 42" framed in black bamboo with a second highlight frame of red next to the outer bamboo.

While most of the pieces in Dorothy's current show are vibrantly colorful, this calm piece uses color opposites, red and green, and yet manages to set a contemplative mood. The bamboo stems and leaves give it a distinct oriental flavor, and yes, those parts were photographed at the Chinese Garden in Portland.

The mood of the piece is as if two people were strolling through this forest at night and speaking softly between themselves. The conversation is recorded and drifts through the air visibly, along with the bamboo, which also trails across from left to right.

Each piece like this starts with almost unconscious play and evolves by a mysterious process until it is done. This horizontal piece would complement so many situations where a long horizontal space is indicated. It can also be purchased as an unframed print. Inquire at the gallery for details. 

Artist Profile: Dorothy Freudenberg


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