Red Tibet Necklace — Jane Ujhazi


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This 26” long, "Red Tibet" necklace has a lovely rhythm to the design. The Maker, Jane Ujhazi, has this to say about the beads used for this necklace:

The red beads with engraved white metal caps, known as Tibetan Silver, are a natural resin called copal— think of it as "young amber". These particular beads and the pendant are either carved, as in the case of the medium round and capped copal beads, whereas the pendant has been decorated a la repousse, i.e., hammered into relief from the reverse side. The turquoise spacers are actually dyed magnasite and really pop with the red and silver. These hand-made pendants are getting harder to find as it is much more cost-effective to machine-stamp the designs rather than hand-hammering the metal. The puffy curling shapes on the bigger red beads (with caps on both ends) symbolize clouds; the rabbits on the pendant symbolize virtue, empathy and compassion in Eastern lore. 

Artist Profile: Jane Ujhazi


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