Monday, April 1, 2019

David Kinker paints the Grand Canyon—April Show at Tumalo Art Co.

Simply concentrating on the reflected light and differences in the rock, David Kinker creates an image that seems to be lit from within.

Seeking inspiration during a gray, landlocked winter, David Kinker revisited his collection of Grand Canyon plein air paintings and his own photographic explorations, and discovered some gems yet to be fully explored. His April show, “Painting Paradise”, opening April 5, from 4-8pm during the First Friday Gallery Walk, is a pictorial, mark-making, colorful expression of a place where the scale and vistas, shapes and colors are a holy grail for artists.

“It is one thing to look down upon the canyon and glimpse a bit of the water below, and quite another as a river runner at river level, to feel the grandeur of this painted paradise”, muses David. This show embodies his perceptions of a month-long journey on the Colorado River that few people have the chance to experience. As an avid rafter, river runner, and guide the trip through the Grand Canyon was one of the highlights of his career and he spent his free time sketching and painting plein air to grab those visual moments in real time.

Almost 6′ wide painting, from the bottom of the Grand Canyon looking up the cliffs is by David Kinker.

Tumalo Art Co. is an artist-run gallery in the heart of the Old Mill District open 7 days a week.; 541-385-9144.