Mollie Jurgenson

Born and raised in the Bay Area, Mollie Jurgenson was fortunate to have been exposed to the 1960’s-70’s contemporary art scene in San Francisco and its outstanding museums and art galleries. Drawing, sketching and painting from an early age on, creating art in various media was always a compelling direction for Mollie.

Painting fairly loose and large, Mollie’s work varies from impressionistic to semi-abstract and abstract landscapes and city scapes. In many of the works she uses finely crushed glass for a special textural effect. Continuous experimentation and exploration on the canvas has led to various “tweaks” in her style.

In 1993 Mollie moved to Central Oregon where her mother was born in 1916 in the town of Tumalo. Exposed to the incredible landscapes, skyscapes and clarity of light in the high desert of Central Oregon has greatly influenced and inspired her creative process.

Mollie worked as an Artist in Residence for Central Oregon Arts in Education in the 1990’s and her work has been exhibited in Bend and Portland art galleries over the last 20 years. Her work is included in private and commercial collections across the United States and internationally.