Bruce Jackson

Since his iconic photographs and subsequent sold-out posters of Mt. Bachelor and Mt. Hood over 25 years ago, Bruce Jackson‘s finely tuned eye for the eloquence of nature, coupled with patience, has made him one of Oregon’s most celebrated photographers. From nature’s abstractions to the grand landscape in all of its majesty, he focuses on the precise moment to capture the essence of his subjects. Bruce’s numerous awards include, Grand Prize in the Sierra Club Photography Competition.

As a landscape photographer, Bruce’s creative process often differs from artists who practice other mediums. Impeccable timing is essential. And like all artists, feeling love for his subjects is key.

Bruce’s process begins with researching subjects he is drawn to, and finding locations that offer the most beautiful opportunities possible. He then determines the best time of year to photograph his subjects at the peak of expression. When the optimum time is close, he explores the area to study the lay of the land…how the light falls at different times of day, and even the native vegetation. The goal of scouting early, is to plan exactly when to return for the best conditions. “Being late is the worst possible feeling. At that point, I have to wait another year to try again”, says Jackson.