Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Pastel Artist Marty Stewart Featured at Tumalo Art Co. in March

“Whispering Sands” a new soft pastel of a peaceful beach by Marty Stewart in her March show at Tumalo Art Co.

Marty Stewart’s March exhibit named “Seeking Beauty”, perfectly describes her new pastel paintings. The show opens March 6, from 4-8pm during Bend’s First Friday Gallery Walk at Tumalo Art Co in the Old Mill District.
“The beauty of the natural world has always been the central inspiration for my pastel landscapes” Marty says.

“The landscape speaks to me of many things. Rivers speak of travel, ancient trees and mountains of their strength and endurance. The ever-changing sky reminds us of impermanence. Open spaces of solitude, billowing clouds high over desert and mesa, or the evening light casting a pale glow through the trees. Streams winding their way through a meadow. Storms rolling across distant mountain ranges. I seek out drama, mood, and color in ordinary, as well as secret places such as reeds and grasses along a river bed.” Marty explains of her motivation to paint the images in her show.

She seeks to convey some of what she experiences through her senses of these aspects of the natural world. “To hear, feel and see, the wisdom and beauty of the land and interpret it in her artwork.”
During her career as an artist Marty has received many awards, often for the expressive abstraction of her pastel paintings.

Tumalo Art Co. is an artist-run gallery in the heart of the Old Mill District, open 7 days a week. www.tumaloartco.com; 541-385-9144.