Jessica Layton

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Jessica Layton studied printmaking and watercolor painting at the Portland College of Art in Portland, Maine and has worked with many different mediums over the years. But, says Jessica “my true passion is working with glass!” The last five years she has been devoted to learning and creating as many exquisite glass pieces as possible. Jessica loves the permanence, color and beauty of glass—the way it changes with the light.

Jessica’s Central Oregon home is a deep source of joy and inspiration. The mountain vistas, rural landscapes and local fauna are favorites and a common theme in her work.

Glass making process: Jessica hand paints enamels on multilayered kiln cast glass panels. Each layer is fired separately and then finally all fired together and dammed to form one multidimensional kiln cast panel. A seven-layered “painting” takes over three days to fire and anneal in the kiln. She says, “When I finally get to open the kiln and see my piece, it is like having a dream take shape into a solid form.”

Previous to working in glass Jessica was a massage therapist, bringing many of the healing and intuitive skills into her creative life.

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