Barbara Hudin


As an encaustic painter and printmaker, I enjoy experimenting with new techniques. With encaustics paint, my work is often whimsical and will tell a story. My subject matter may include fantasy landscapes, animals and the human form, often with petroglyph-like marks or other personal symbols. Encaustic painting is an ancient art form that uses resin, bee’s wax and pigment to create the paint mix. The paint is then applied to the panel in a molten state and fused to the surface with a propane torch or hot iron. Many of my pigments were gathered from the area around Broken Top in Bend and road cuts in the Southwest. They are then ground up with a mortar and pestle then mixed with the encaustic medium.

I am currently creating prints with 4 processes and often combine them for a single print. The processes are Saline Sulfate etching on aluminum or steel plates, Imagon HD solar film laminated on plexi or metal plates, and Processing computer code imagery, transferred to a plate and worked with the other techniques. I also create plates with encaustic medium. All print editions are hand inked and manually run through an etching press in my studio or at A6 print studio at the Old Mill.

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