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The third installment of “how to buy art” is about how to have the confidence to purchase  the art you love. In the first segment we talked about different ways to afford art, including buying smaller pieces and grouping them, considering limited edition giclee prints, and signing up for our Patron’s Program which helps you save for art while getting to know the artists whose work you’re interested in.

Last month we discussed ideas about how to find room for new artwork. Rotating your art, editing or combining it differently, and then the excitement that can be created by adding some new art to that mix.

But what if you want to buy art and aren’t sure you’ll make the right decision? Art is an investment and it can be intimidating to choose pieces that will stand the test of time and taste. We may not have learned the basic elements of art, making us feel like we don’t know how to evaluate the artwork we are drawn to. This may make us want to play it safe, instead of following our instincts.

A reputable gallery will have information about an artist’s accomplishments and will be able to discuss their works simply along with giving you insight into the artists process. You may be able to purchase wonderful art at a great price by buying from an emerging artist whose career is on the rise. Buying for investment purposes is tricky and usually reserved for the highest levels in the art world. At TAC, an artist-run gallery, you always talk with an artist and are able to connect and interact with the artists whose work you want to find out more about.

When we ask collectors what kind of art they like best, they usually say “whatever moves me”. They are eclectic in their tastes and combine many styles and genres of art in their collections. Surprisingly, this is a good rule of thumb.The last consideration for them is whether art goes with their decor or even if they have room for it. Acquiring art is a like falling in love. To quote late art historian Kenneth Clark, “It’s like asking why we fall in love, the reasons are so various.”

Shopping for art as a couple can be a fulfilling “sport” to enjoy together. It involves some give and take, but it’s always gratifying to see couples that respond to the same artwork or see 1/2 of a couple say, “I like it and can see you love it so let’s get it!”

So, take the leap and have an exciting time finding the art that will infuse added dimensions into your life and surroundings!

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