Adell Shetterly—P3 Press | Pull | Print

Beaming Up above—remember Star Trek and the myriad worlds that the crew landed on and explored? They transformed into small particles to beam down or up. Perhaps this is one of the worlds they explored. Bend artist, Adell Shetterly, has followed her own artistic path as defined in ink. Her July show at Tumalo Art […]

Katherine Taylor—Thinking Wild

Thinking Wild, opening August 5 from 3-7pm during the Old Mill District's First Friday Gallery Walk, features a collection of Katherine Taylor’s poignant wildlife portraits. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the non-profit, Thinking Wild, a local hospital dedicated to providing care to injured or orphaned native animals so as to facilitate […]

Dorothy Freudenberg—Quiet Interactions

Dorothy Freudenberg's imagery comes from her daily interactions with nature, a great deal of which involves her walks in the neighborhoods of SW Bend, including river walks right in the Mill area. Some are naturalistic while others are interpretations constructed from bits and pieces of things that in and of themselves are almost unnoticeable. No […]