Annie Ferder

Luminous colors, exquisitely designed lines and shapes featuring extraordinary attention to detail are just a few of the qualities immediately engaging a viewer to the floral and botanical watercolors of Annie Ferder.

Annie’s artistic mastery over this unpredictable medium is both incomparable and unique, employed elegantly to communicate her passion for the subject, an open invitation to share her spiritual connection with nature.

Regularly featured in local and regional arts publications Annie’s work has twice been published in International Artist magazines in recognition of awards received in that magazines prestigious competitions.

Annie’s life is centered around creating and sharing her art. Traveling from Hawaii to Florida to sketch and take reference photographs of the fauna and flora found across our landscape, Annie enters the studio first to make detailed drawings of her subject, then to bring the mind’s eye interpretation out of her pallet of colors. Exquisite control over the watercolor medium allows her to create her images, layering up to 20 applications of paint while keeping her colors fresh, vibrant and rich. Annie’s passion for painting botanical subjects remains as strong as ever. “When I paint,” she says, “I recreate the sense of peace and harmony I felt as a child in my grandfather’s garden.