Alisa Huntley


Alisa Huntley’s recent works are oil on aluminum and copper. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree from California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo. Her art education has been a self-directed process of discovery and learning from fellow artists, colleges, and workshops. She has been commissioned locally, nationally and internationally.


A continual process of experimentation and a search for reflective qualities led me to the discovery of aluminum and copper as a backdrop for my paintings. I stumbled upon copper as a substrate while researching aluminum. The use of copper has a long history. During the renaissance, copper plates were readily available and used instead of canvas. Many master painters such as El Greco, and Rembrandt produced their paintings on copper plates.

My process of working is much like a watercolorist. I apply the oil on the metal in transparent layers, and plan my composition to allow some of the aluminum or copper passages to peak through, similar to the white of a watercolor paper. As the paint flows and spreads, spontaneous drips and bleeds are interpreted into the composition. The aluminum and copper each provide a different feeling and color, but both offer an exciting, modern aesthetic and jewel-like glow.