Anne Gibson – Playa Artist Retreat

Anne Gibson's studio at Playa

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A recent 10-day residency at Playa Summer Lake, offered member artist Anne Gibson time, space, and inspiration. Without life’s usual distractions and with a spacious studio to herself, she completed a new oversized canyon painting, part of an ongoing series that she will show at TAC in October. She also began four more large paintings influenced by the ever-changing colors, light, and fascinating topography of the Playa landscape.

Anne’s work always responds to place. In this place she tried two new things. First, she created small color studies, and used them as reference rather than her source photos when she went large. Second, she stapled her canvases directly to the homasote walls so the rough porous surface was incorporated into the textures of her paint layers. The canvases will be stretched after the paintings are completed.

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