Sarah B. Hansen

SBH-Profile pic  Sarah B. Hansen has developed a technique of painting watercolors on re-purposed, recycled Plexiglas that involves creating texture by applying gesso and collaged items in addition to calligraphic marks, words or patterns onto the sheeting. As a result, the surface becomes an intriguingly unique base for her brightly loose, textural watercolors.

From her Bend, Oregon studio, Sarah paints a wide array of subjects, concentrating on images from regional and travels abroad, establishing a connection with her viewers.

“I tend to focus not on painting perfection, but instead on illustrating flaws, mars, scribbles, and textures of life. Out of a chaotic surface, unique beauty emerges. The textures and flaws of bumpy pasts, pain, and love become colors, patterns and marks layered and rich with meaning. Through my work, I hope to connect to each other and acknowledge that each of us is uniquely layered and beautiful, not in spite of our flaws, but because of them.”

See more of Sarah B. Hansen’s art work on her website.

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