Aimee Brewer

Porcelain with brushwork inspired by desert and Japanese wood block prints.

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Inspiration in clay began with my studies under a master potter in the African country of Namibia in 2003, where the vibrant colors of the culture stood silhouetted against the golden glow of the desert.

In my current work, I similarly contrast the subtle translucence of porcelain clay over-laid with the rich colors of my glaze to create a hum of glowing color.

In creating pieces of art from porcelain, I strive to capture the delicate boldness I see echoed in life all around me. I find fascinating, the challenge to create a single piece of work from clay that can be held and touched; as a ripened piece of fruit or a sweet, cool rose would.

Since Namibia, I have continued my studio work in clay and currently create art full-time out of Hood River, Oregon.


Each piece is wheel-thrown, using a translucent, porcelain clay body. I focus on weight, ergonomics, and a refined simplicity of design when creating my work. I strive to make pieces silently evoke the observer to touch, grasp, and feel the object.

I carefully hand-paint the brush work seen on each piece using pure colorant oxides and glazes. All pieces go through multiple firings in electric and gas kilns. The gas firing reaches a temperature of 2400+°F in a controlled, smoky atmosphere, leaving deposits of carbon upon the glaze and creating the blushing, ripening colors of reds and purples seen in the glazes.

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