Alison Wahl

Alison Wahl’s contemporary jewelry designs are made with semi-precious stones and two types of metals‚sterling silver and bronze. She also creates signature designs using Drusy and a line called “Under Water World” that utilizes sea glass, shells and sone carvings of mermaids and starfish.

Alison grew up in  Delaware, then attended college at San Francisco State and Ithaca College in New York. Splitting her time between Bend, Oregon and Maui, Hawaii she enjoys the beauty of each area. She travels the world as well and incorporates her collected stones and seashells in her handmade silver jewelry.

Stellar Jewels, Alison’s company, was started in 2000. Most recently she added a new style to her lines—Stellar Jewels goes AWahl, incorporating her name. Stellar literally means pertaining to stars, which goes along with Alison’s belief that “the world is alive and vibrant…just look up on a clear night. Stellar, translated in Hawaiian means, No Ka Oi, and that is what she strives for in her jewelry line