Shelli Walters

Mixed media art combining graphic elements and paint to celebrate nature

Angelsea | Details

In a time when we may be feeling especially isolated, Water Echo is a vibrant visual connection to nature and the world around us. “While creating these paintings, I thought about how water connects virtually everything. In all its forms — liquid, vapor, ice — water has the magical capacity to change as it flows through waterways, earth, sky, animals, trees and people. Water always finds a way. Perhaps that is why being near it makes us feel hopeful.”  



Whisper And Hum | Details

Here. Now. | Details

Last Call | Details


“Let the water fill your senses and lift your spirit. Embrace this global time out to find your center, to be present, to breathe. Listen to the sound of water flowing through all things. Let it calm, renew, cleanse, nourish and energize. Water can do all of these things. Take a walk with me through powerful places in nature where water flows freely. Let it wash over you, bringing you a moment of peace and clarity while the Earth breathes with us.”



Plenty | Details

Birdseye | Details


Layers upon layers of thoughts, stories, experiences, moods — shifting one over the other — sometimes revealing a hint of what is underneath. Inviting you to look closer and discover your own story. This has become Shelli’s signature voice and style.  “I love the playful energy and interaction that happens on the canvas when layering paint, torn paper, thread, and whatever else finds its way into the melee.”



Feet In The Sand | Details

Front Row | Details


These paintings explore the powerful energy and movement of water flowing through rivers, lakes and seas. Each of them inspired by Oregon. “My family moved to Oregon from Montana when I was a year old. I’ve spent my life exploring her beaches, canyons, lakes, trails, mountains and rivers. My love for Oregon’s diverse natural  beauty gushes from these paintings.”



This Must Be The Place | Details

Inner Circle | Details

In No Hurry | Details

Magic Time | Details


“Her voice a crystal echo, lies humming in your soul, so patiently awaiting for your ears to behold.”  — excerpt from Angelsea by Cat Stevens



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