Shelli Walters

Nature inspired mixed media paintings and paper mache sculpture


O P E N S  F I R S T  F R I D A Y,  M A Y  7

Our upcoming May show features a new collection of mixed media paintings and paper mache sculpture from Shelli Walters. Shelli’s vibrant work emerges from her love for the Earth and wild creatures. “Spending time listening to my feet crunch along a dirt path and catching a glimpse of a bird or coyote are not only a joy to experience but essential. Being present with Nature sparks wonder, clarity and creativity. Expressing this connection in my art and sharing a sense of oneness puts joy in my heart and hopefully inspires others to take more quiet moments with Nature.”

  Earth + Feather will be available for viewing and purchase in the gallery and online in May.





Shelli’s mixed media work is composed from layers upon layers of thoughts, stories, experiences, moods — shifting one over the other — sometimes revealing a hint of what is underneath, inviting you to look closer and discover your own story.  “I love the playful energy and interaction, the magic that happens on the canvas when layering paint, torn paper, thread, and whatever else finds its way into the melee.”




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