Adell Shetterly

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Adell Shetterly creates expressive and innovative original hand-pulled prints integrating abstraction, color and texture. She has an exploratory spirit and draws on encounters with nature, memories and moments of everyday life to create inventive and expressive artworks.

Shetterly studied elementary education at Western Oregon University and worked in education for several years before retiring to explore new opportunities with the City of Troutdale.  There she expanded a summer recreation program to a full year program. Using the tools of her education she established a curriculum of community classes for all ages and interests from sports, dance and art and the program grew under her management. Moving to Bend in late 2001, Shetterly soon found a position with Arts Central to build the community arts program. Recruited a few years later, she worked for Atelier 6000 developing their curriculum program of printmaking, book arts and drawing. Inspired by the artists and the students of the two organizations Shetterly began to enroll in workshops. She particularly enjoyed printmaking and studying with Master Printmaker, Pat Clark. Upon retirement in 2013, Shetterly now pursues her love of printmaking, working and studying from her home studio in Bend, Oregon.

Artist Statement:  To me, printmaking is an unrestricted creative medium, the design possibilities, techniques and variations on how the combinations of print techniques talk to each other are wide open to interpretation and innovation. When truly engaged in art making time stands still. Lost in creativity and exploration the artistic vision evolves…moving forward or backward…and perhaps it begins anew with a spark of innovation. Motivated to be present in this state of discovery I welcome the journey of creative study.

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